Do It Yourself!

Rubber Do it Yourself Truck Bed Liner

DIY Bed Liner

Hyperliner is the only truck bed liner that infuses recycled rubber and glass into an acrylic based coating to form an ultra-durable and flexible rubber/glass matrix for optimal protection of truck beds & metal substrates.

The Breakthrough Technology

The HyperRubber Formula contains recycled rubber densely suspended in a water-based, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, acrylic paint. The crushed rubber particles create a totally waterproof and incredibly durable surface. Typically, traditional acrylic paints have lacked the strength for rugged outdoor applications but with the inclusion of recycled rubber and glass we have been able to make a product that is highly durable, flexible, incredibly weather resistant, and easy to apply.


  • No sanding required
  • Brush, roll, or spray application
  • Cold weather application (down to 45° F)
  • Easy to apply/ maintain
  • Quick-cure
  • Dent & scratch resistant
  • Resists oils & solvents

  • RESIN TYPE: Acrylic Water-base
  • COVERAGE: Approximately 3 gal/ per 6 ft truck bed
  • DFT (dry film thickness): 7-10 mils
  • CURES: 72 hours

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