Rubber All Purpose Caulk

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HyperRubber® Primer is ideal for concrete floors. It is non-slip and resists oils & solvents. It also seals the floor to prevent future cracking as well as other forms of degradation. And because of the high amount of recycled rubber in the product it maintains a regular temperature so it won't be cold to stand on in the winter like bare concrete.


To withstand high traffic and abrasive equipment coat your concrete floor with Hyperglass® Cool Top Coat. It can be applied directly onto a concrete floor or used as a top coat over HyperRubber® Primer. The breakthrough Hyperglass® formula uses tiny glass micro-sphere densely suspended in an acrylic-based paint; making it lighter, flexible (elastomeric), incredibly hard, easy to apply, and able to be stored for years without a loss of functionality.


Hyperglass® Cool Top Coat (on top) - The Hyperglass® Cool Top Coat is made with tiny glass particles that make the paint extremely hard. This protects the surface and gives it a smooth finish.

HyperRubber® Primer (undercoating) -Goes directly on to the concrete and provides a rubber seal that protects as well as insualtes the floor.

Concrete floor (bottom) - For best results acid etch the concrete (especially if it is new) before application.


Cryogenically Crushed Recycled RubberHyperRubber® Primer & Hyperglass® are both eco-friendly and energy efficient.  Made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials, our coatings will not create harsh fumes or toxic run-off.  Additionally, when applied on roofs HyperRubber's unique insulating and reflective properties have been shown to dramatically increase energy savings.  Used in combination with Hyperglass® Cool Top Coat, surface temperatures can be reduced up to 70 degrees!