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Hyperglass® Cool Top Coat

A highly reflective elastomeric paint, patented by Ronald Savin, owner and inventor of Hyperseal
Inc. Unlike other elastomeric paints, Hyperglass® is specially formulated with high quality glass
microspheres. The infusion of microspheres nearly doubles the reflective value of white paint alone
- as well as making the coating extremely durable, waterproof, and lighter than regular paints.

The major benefit for you

Lower surface temperature on a rooftop means lower temperature inside the building. During the
summer months a building with the roof coated with Hyperglass® can easily be 10-15 degrees
cooler on the inside. Which means less time and money spent cooling the inside of the building. In
older homes where the temperatures have a difficult time getting below 80° F during summer days
There is an obvious benefit of cooler temperatures and less money spent on cooling.

The major benefit for everyone

As more and more roofs are being painted white there will be less fossil fuels being burned to
provide energy for homes, offices, factories, and commercial buildings. Painting roofs white is an
inexpensive way to help control greenhouse gases in major cities and lower energy consumption
in the world.

Hyperflex® Primer

Hyperseal Inc. is the only TDP manufacturer that utilizes recycled rubber in paint products.The Hyperflex® Formula contains recycled rubber densely suspended in water-based, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, acrylic paint. This cryogenically crushed recycled rubber creates a totally waterproof and incredibly durable surface. Unlike traditional paints Hyperflex® fills gaps and coats evenly over joints, seams, fixtures and other weak areas. Plus, the flexibility of rubber makes Hyperflex® Primer extremely resistant to swelling and shrinking due to seasonal temperature changes.

The major benefit for you

By infusing recycled rubber into a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic acrylic paint we are able to create a highly durable and environmentally safe product that can replace otherwise harmful and cancer causing substances that are typically used for exterior use. Because it drys to a tough flexible rubber it can replace asphaltic compounds that are toxic and are damaged by UV rays.

The major benefit for everyone

The rubber we put in our products comes from recycled waste tires. In the U.S. alone there are nearly one billion used tires that are stockpiled in landfills with hundreds of millions of tires being discarded annually. We are committed to waste tire diversion efforts and are continuously improving our products to include more rubber and achieve better functionality.