All Hyperseal paints and coatings come labeled with safety instructions - please be sure to read these before use.  As with all paints, please be sure to:

  • Always provide adequate ventilation when painting. If you cannot get enough ventilation in the work area, use a respirator.
  • Keep containers closed when not in use.
  • Keep paint products out of the reach of children.
  • Avoid direct contact with skin.
  • Follow label instructions for storage.

The following information pertains to Hyperglass, Hyperglass Cement & Asphalt Coating and HyperRubber.  Hyperzinc requires additional safety information provided below this section. 

Non-Toxic and Easy to Clean Up 

All Hyperglass and HyperRubber products are non-toxic and can be easily cleaned up with warm water or soap and warm water. 


Work gloves, rubber gloves, goggles are items you should have available while working on any painting project.


Hyperglass and HyperRubber products are non-flammable, but should be kept away from open flames and stained rags or clothing should be kept in a flame retardant container, or thrown away.


As with any painting job, it is important to be extremely careful near electrical outlets. If wall plates are removed be careful not to touch inside the electrical box. Disconnect power if children will be present. Cover outlet and switch boxes with tape. Do not spray paint onto outlets or switches.

Never contact a utility line with an extension pole or tool.

For more helpful safety tips - particular about ladder safety and exterior paint jobs - visit: