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Clean & Beautiful
Works with any pool

Using our patented HyperRubber®  Coating creates an incredibly smooth and durable surface that will last for years without stains or blemishes.
If needed 
HyperRubber®  Rubber Pool Primer can be applied as an undercoat to create a durable rubber membrane to seal and repair damaged pools. It has tenacious adhesion to virtually any substrate and stays flexible through seasonal weather changes.
The HyperRubber® Pool Primer & Hyperglass® Pool Coating combo is great for nearly any pool design or substrate. It is non-porous, easy to apply and maintain, fills small gaps in and coats evenly over joints, seams, fixtures, and other weak areas. Works with plaster, fiberglass, concrete, gunite, metal, and marcite in fresh or salt water pools.

We are working hard to help reduce the number of waste tires entering our already full landfills by including up to 65% recycled rubber in our products.

Hyperglass® Pool Coating

HyperRubber® Pool Coating creates a clean and professional-looking finish.   It is extremely hard and smooth surface that won't crack, and is impervious to algae and pool chemicals.