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The HyperRubber development contains recycled rubber densely suspended in a water-based, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, latex emulsion. This recycled rubber (powder) creates a totally waterproof and incredibly durable surface. Unlike traditional paints HyperRubber fills gaps and coats evenly over joints, seams, fixtures and other weak areas. Plus, the flexibility of rubber makes HyperRubber products extremely resistant to swelling and shrinking due to seasonal temperature changes.

Cryogenically Crushed Recycled Rubber

HyperRubber™ products are made with recycled rubber particles. The rubber we put in our products comes from recycled waste tires. In the U.S. alone there are nearly one billion used tires that are stockpiled in landfills with hundreds of millions of tires being discarded annually. We are committed to waste tire diversion efforts and are continuously improving our products to include more rubber and achieve better functionality. 

Green Soultions Showcase

Hyperseal Inc. Owner/Inventor Ronald Savin discusses the potential uses of recycled tire rubber at the 2009 Green Technology Global Climate Summit. He explains the benefits of using recycled rubber, putting a large emphasis on recycled rubber in paint products. Watch the video. - click here -