StarRetired Air Force Colonel Ronald Savin incorporated Hyperseal Inc. in 1991.

Col. Savin is a chemical engineer specializing in corrosives. His career has included the development of over 400 paints and coatings for both private industry and military applications. Col. Savin has 20 patents in the field, more private, anti-corrosion patents than any living American.

In 2004, retired in Thousand Palms, Southern California, Col Savin was frustrated by his high air conditioning bills and the constant need for repair on the equipment. After setting up a laboratory, Col Savin developed a coating that could meet California’s high environmental standards while also significantly cooling his roof and patio.

Using his extensive knowledge of chemical engineering, Col Savin began experimenting with combinations of the reflective properties of bright white paint and glass. After a series of experiments, Col Savin emerged with a revolutionary method of formulating hollow glass into regular, non-toxic acrylic coating. He was recently awarded a US patent for the method, and branded it Hyperglass®.


Hyperseal Patented Paints and CoatingsCol Savin holds  bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Literature from University of Michigan, with postgraduate studies at Columbia University and the University of Paris (Sorbonne). After his service in World War II and Korea, Col. Savin graduated the Air War College in 1975 and Industrial College of the Armed Forces in 1976.

During his military service Col. Savin developed Aerospace and anti-corrosive coatings, contributing to professional journals as well as working with the Paint laboratory of the Air Force Systems Division at Wright Patterson AFB on Air Force development projects. He is a member of the Steel structures Painting Council, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Federation of Paint Technicians, Federation of Coatings Technology, Air Force Association, Reserve Officers Association, and the Army Navy Club.

Col. Savin retired from the Air Force in 1986 to run his own paint and coatings development company, Premium Finishes, Inc. In 1991, he sold the company to Hunting PLC, a British development conglomerate for anti-corrosion and aerospace coatings.

For his contributions to the scientific community, Col Savin is continually listed in the Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the World and the Who’s Who in Science & Engineering.

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