Crumb Rubber

(TDP) or Tire Derived Product is a product manufactured with recycled tire rubber. In U.S. there are approximately 300 million used tires discarded every year. Over half of these tires are being recycled or utilized for other applications as TDPs. However there are still over 100 million used tires that are being added to the 800+ million tires that are stockpiled in U.S. landfills today. At Hyperseal we are working hard to reduce that number by providing superior coatings that contain up to 75% recycled rubber.


According to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, mass implementation of "cool roofs" in the nation's 100 largest cities would offset 44 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions, or the equivalent of taking 800 million cars off the road for 18 years.

  has been shown to dramatically decrease surface temperature, decreasing your carbon dioxide emissions and decreasing the cost of cooling your home or office by up to 50%. It is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, elastomeric coating that has been formulated with high_quality glass microspheres.  The infusion of the glass microspheres nearly doubles the reflective value of white paint alone - as well as making it extremely hard, water-resistant, and lighter than regular paints.  

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